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Areas of expertise

  • CBRN Focus Areas
  • Counter-IED
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Defence Training Analysis


David is a CBRN specialist with more than 30 years professional experience in the field of remediation science & technologies. Having worked across the globe on numerous CBRN programs at the academic, industrial and operational levels. Delivering operational CBRN support, education & training to various international agencies including DTRA, DARPA, NATO and Interpol. He is a Chartered-Chemist, -Scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) a fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, and is the former chairman of CBRN-UK (2016-2019), the UK industry's specialist CBRN interest group.

Formerly the global subject matter expert in Defence & Public Safety for multi-national science-based technology company, 3M; he has completed degrees in Applied Chemistry (BSc(Hons)), Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Defence Studies (MA) and a PhD (Materials Science), co-authoring 51 Peer reviewed publications and patents.

Current activities

Currently, David is part time senior lecturer in Counter-CBRN supporting the UK Ministry of Defence Professional Education Programme. He is also an international advisor to the Resilience Advisor Network (RAN) and technical director at defence, security & resilience consultants; United CBRN Limited.

As a member of the Emergency Planning Society - CBRN Professional Working Group, and Principal Expert at BSI, supporting the national PH/004 (Respiratory Protection) & CBRN (BS8468) standards committees, as well as the international CEN Technical Committee 391 - WG 2 (CBRNe), and ISO TC94 SC15 WG4, 6 and 7 (CBRN) committees. David strongly supports international societal & citizen security and safety stakeholders to help ensure preparedness, cooperation, and a culture of security.

Supporting Cranfield University's Forensic Institute, a large part of David's activities are creating bespoke short courses for Defence and Security clients.

Courses that David leads or delivers on include

· Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Science

· CBRN Hazard Management and Decontamination Short Course (5 Days) - Principal Lead

· CBRN Sense Management (5 Days)

· UNSCR 1540 Enforcement (5 Days)

· Managing Defence in the Wider Security Context

· Executive Masters of Business Administration - 'Introduction to WMD control measures and frameworks'

· Bespoke practitioner CBRN courses

David also contributes towards postgraduate student research projects (e.g. MSc, MPhil, PhD) in the fields of CBRN, high hazard environments and other Defence related issues. These activities are funded by a combination of civil and military government agencies and private sector funds.







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