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Dr David Abbott is a gas turbine combustion specialist. His doctorate is in the combustion acoustics of solid rocket propellants. His early career focused on acoustic problems in gas fired boilers and furnaces. In 1995 he joined the European Gas Turbines working on the development of gas turbine combustion systems. In 2006 he moved to E.ON New Build and Technology providing combustion support for all aspects of their power generation to gas turbine fleet. Since 2014 he has been a technical consult for Uniper Technologies Ltd and a visiting Fellow at Cranfield University.

Current activities

Dr Abbott is a visiting fellow in the Centre for Propulsion and Thermal Power Engineering and is part of the Low Emissions Technologies and Combustion (LETC) group. He supports the Thermal Power and Propulsion MSc giving lectures on Combustion Thermoacoustics. He also lectures on thermoacoustics and the challenges of variable fuel composition and low carbon fuels for power generation gas turbines on the Gas Turbine Combustion and Emissions Short Course.

Current activities and interests focus on low carbon combustion solutions for both aviation and land-based gas turbines, with particular interests in:

Low emissions hydrogen combustion systems for both aviation and land-based gas turbines

Combustion Thermoacoustics

Utilising blends of natural gas and hydrogen in large power generation gas turbines

Impact of changing natural gas quality/composition, including blending with low carbon fuels (such as bio-gas and bio-LPG), on power generation gas turbines

Potential for low carbon 'drop-in' fuels for existing power generation gas turbines

Retrofit solutions for utilising low carbon fuels (including bio- and e-gases, Bio- and e- alcohols, Bio-oils) in power generation gas turbines.


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