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Areas of expertise

  • Explosives and Munitions
  • Weapons Engineering


Dr Knock has a BSc in Theoretical Physics, MSc in Oceanography, PhD in Applied Mathematics, a PgCert in Higher Education and an MBA.

She began her career in oceanography, writing computer models to predict the movement of organic and inorganic chemicals in estuarine and coastal systems including the Severn Estuary, Canadian fjords (working at the University of British Columbia, Canada) and Australian coastal waters (working at the University of Western Australia).

Current activities

Dr Knock's research interests include:

  • explosive blast
  • TNT equivalency
  • blood stain analysis
  • ammunition safety
  • risks from civilian explosions
  • fragment flight
  • bounce and roll of fragments.
She lectures on the following subject areas:
  • internal and intermediate ballistics
  • explosive blast
  • computer modelling
  • blood stain analysis
  • risk analysis
  • introductory mathematics and statistics.


  • AWE
  • Wallop Defence System Ltd
  • Defence Ordnance Safety Group
  • National Grid
  • MOD
  • Defence Intelligence
  • Defra


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