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Areas of expertise

  • Explosives and Munitions
  • Weapons Engineering


Dr Knock is a senior lecturer at Cranfield University and an expert in blast waves, ammunition safety and blood stain analysis. Clare's research on blast waves includes studying the shock waves from non-spherical chares such as cylinders, cuboids, crosses and truncated cones and the TNT equivalence of explosives. Her work on ammunition safety has included preventing mutual detonation in weapon systems. Clare's work on blood stain analysis includes developing methods for predicting the size and shape of blood and liquid impact onto porous, non-porous and granular materials, in particular fabrics, carpet sand and paper.

Current activities

Dr Knock's research interests include:

explosive blast

TNT equivalency

blood stain analysis

ammunition safety

risks from civilian explosions

fragment flight

bounce and roll of fragments.

She lectures on the following subject areas:

internal and intermediate ballistics

explosive blast

computer modelling

blood stain analysis

risk analysis

introductory mathematics and statistics.



Wallop Defence System Ltd

Defence Ordnance Safety Group

National Grid


Defence Intelligence



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