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Chris is an energetics researcher with over six years academic experience in the field. After graduating form Imperial College she worked in the defence industry with a focus on polymers. Taking on a different challenge, she moved on to work in lubricant additives. Then Chris decided it was time to go back school, learn about additive manufacturing and how to print thermites. Whether it combusts, deflagrates, detonates or a combination thereof, there will be a way to exploit it with a 3D printer.

Research opportunities

- Additive Manufacture of Energetics (Pyrotechnics, Propellants and Explosives)

- Additive Manufacture to support energetic applications.

- Blast wave shaping through architecture.

- Graduated and layered materials through additive manufacture.

- Powder processing and the effect on powder properties.

- Kinetics of thermitic reactions.

- 'Green' pyrotechnics, including propellant formulations.


Conference Papers