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Areas of expertise

  • Agrifood Systems


Chloe's PhD at Leeds University explored how the uptake of modern maize cultivars might reduce vulnerability to climate change amongst smallholder farmers in Malawi.  She undertook an MSc at UCL in the Anthropology and Ecology of Development, and an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology at Manchester University. 

Previous research projects include working at the Walker Institute, Reading University, on climate change adaptation and agricultural innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa, and at Leeds University on a project exploring biosecurity uptake to prevent the spread of invasive non-native invasive species (INNS) in the U.K.

Current activities

Chloe is currently working on a 3 year project funded through the Global Food Security Programme which aims to identify how and where the UK's fresh fruit and vegetable system is exposed to water-related risk and determine how these risks may change over time.  The project will combine analysis of trade and production data, geographical measures of water-availability and participatory work with stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of what a more resilient fresh fruit and veg system might look like in the U.K. context and identify strategies for moving the current system towards greater resilience in future.


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