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Areas of expertise

  • Aviation Management & Operations


Dr Miyoshi has a unique background as an academic member equipped with extensive industry experiences and academic qualifications. Chika has worked in various roles for a wide range of airlines including All Nippon Airways, Lufthansa and Skymark, as well as various corporate jet companies and a trading company which imports and operates Gulfstream aircraft. In addition, she also has extensive consulting experience in the areas of feasibility studies and business plans for start-up airlines, air transport market analysis, route selection and demand forecasting for airport privatisation. 
A PhD in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University UK in 2006 and based at Cranfield University by 2017. After two years in China/MIT Network Scale as an Executive Director of Centre for Air Transport, now back to Cranfield University by aiming to establish Environmental System for Aerospace. BA from Osaka University, and MBA from Waseda University with Okuma Scholarship Tokyo Japan.

Research opportunities

Chikage has been working in the area of aviation and the environment in particular, the impact of economic instruments such as EU Emission Trading Scheme, Carbon /fuel Tax, social damage cost of carbon on the airport surface access through EPSRC projects. Air Transport Carbon Calculator invented (EPSRC OMEGA Project: 2006-2009) has been extensively used in the research and consulting projects (e.g. EPSRC; Airport Behavioural Change (ABC) project, Pratt and Whitney Flying Economy, economic evaluation of new GFT engine) over 12 years.   She is a Co-Chair of Air Transport Group of the World Conference on Transport Research (WCTRS), and a member of COVID-19 taskforce.

Her research interests are  carbon footprint, cost and benefit analysis, the impact of market based mechanism and economic instrument, and life cycle assessment. 

Current activities

  • Aviation Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Econometric Analysis
  • Travel Behaviour Modelling
  • Demand forecasting


Pratt and Whitney, Spring Airlines, Ningbo City Government, Haneda Terminal, Mitsui Corporation, Sojitsu, Nishi Nihon Tetsudo, Kyushu Denryoku, JR Kyushu, Asian Development Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, the Development Bank of Japan, All Nippon Airways, Mitsui Fudosan, Tokyu Corporation, Maeda Corporation, Macquarie Capital, Ferrovial, ALG, Mott Macdonald, Okadama Airport, Asiana Airlines, SkynetAsia, Kitakyushu City Airport, Airbus, and London City Airport


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