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Areas of expertise

  • Food Quality
  • Food Safety
  • Food waste
  • Plants and microbes


Dr Verheecke discovered Food safety issues in 2007, when she was a Biology student and was working at ECCLOR Europe SAS, a company specialized in the development of a Decision Support System (Scord-cards) for better post-harvest management of stored cereals. In 2010, she graduated a MSc in Food Quality and Safety and in 2014 a PhD in Applied Mycology named "Modulation of Aflatoxin B1 production by Aspergillus flavus" at The National School of Agronomy in Toulouse (France). The latter was awarded the Best Innovative PhD by the Federal University of Toulouse (2015). Subsequently, she worked as a temporary teaching assistant in The National School of Agronomy in Toulouse until she got a Research position in the School of Water, Energy and Environment at Cranfield University. She is working on the project "Oats for the future: deciphering potential of host resistance and RNAi to minimise mycotoxin contamination under present and future climate scenarios" funded by the BBSRC.

Current activities

Dr Carol has specialized her research on the application of molecular biology techniques for understanding the mechanisms leading to mycotoxins production in fungi under different environmental conditions. Since her arrival at Cranfield, she has been developing research on molecular biology and ecophysiology of mycotoxigenic fungi.

Her current key research/interest areas are:

  • Molecular Biology applied to mycotoxigenic fungi, with special focus on development of new molecular biology techniques
  • Ecophysiology of mycotoxigenic fungi, with a current focus on fungi in oats
  • Apply project in collaboration with crops specialists to reduce mycotoxins occurrence in UK oats
She is teaching courses in the MSc modules Food Mycology and Food Microbiology.


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