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Areas of expertise

  • Applied Informatics
  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Soil


Ben Ingram received a B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (2003) and a Ph.D. in Neural Computing (2008) from Aston University, Birmingham where he worked under the supervision of David Evans and Dan Cornford on techniques for applying Geostatistics to big data.  After his Ph.D., he continued to work with Dan Cornford and worked as a Post-doc on a European FP7 project - Intamap.  In 2009 he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department of Universidad de Talca, Chile where he worked for 8 years, including 3 years as Head of Department.  In 2017 he moved back to the UK where he took up a research position at Cranfield University in the Soil and Agrifood Institute working with Guy Kirk and Ron Corstanje.

Current activities

Current work includes developing generic methods for assessing the extent that Asian rice supplies are contaminated with toxic metals, particularly arsenic and cadmium and to assess the potential of technologies to mitigate risks based on agronomic management and rice genotype differences.


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