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Ashfaq Afsar completed his undergraduate and PhD degrees at the University of Reading, the latter under guidance of Professor Laurence M. Harwood.

He was then appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in 2015 at the University of Reading with Professor Harwood working on the design and synthesis of a series of N-heterocyclic ligands for selective actinide extraction.

In 2017, he joined Professor Wayne Hayes' group at the University of Reading for a three-year Post-doctoral position in organic materials/polymer chemistry. During his time in Professor Hayes' group he worked on a range of projects, including design and synthesis of novel macrocyclic additives for British Petroleum (BP), synthesis of UV curable polymer systems, exploited thermally-reversible covalent bonds for the controlled release of microencapsulated isocyanate crosslinkers, and development of a modular synthetic approach for the introduction of a diazirine functionality into various types of biologically interesting carbohydrate derivatives.

Current activities

In November 2020, he moved to his current position as a Research Fellow in synthetic chemistry at Cranfield University (Shrivenham) where he is working on the synthesis of β-cyclodextrin/polyethylene glycol derivatives to develop inert and energetic polymeric binders.


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