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Areas of expertise


Dr. Anju Toolaram holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Studies from Guyana and a Joint European Masters in Environmental Studies (JEMES) focusing on Environmental Engineering and Climate Change. She completed her doctorate in Natural Science in Germany after working on hazard assessment of micropollutants formed during drinking water treatment and environmental processes.

Her work has focused on water contaminants including pharmaceuticals and pesticides trying to assess their risks and identifying emerging contaminants of concerns. Over the years, Dr. Toolaram has worked on assessing the products of wood combustion, microbial innoculants, biodegradation processes and drinking water treatment technologies (photolysis, chlorinations, AOPs). She has extensive experience in in vitro genotoxicology and environmental toxicology.

She has an avid interest in water quality and management. Her contribution to water management in developing countries have focused on integrated water resource management incorporating land use planning as well as soil and water management.

Current activities

Dr. Toolaram's current work focus on water engineering for developing countries. Essentially, she works in providing sustainable solutions to water, sanitation and hygiene issues in the world. To this effect, she is now working on the human user testing of the Nano Membrane Toilet and Menstrual Hygiene Management.


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