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Anicée holds a PhD in Islamic Studies, Politics and Law from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris. 

She graduated in law from Paris II Assas and furthered her studies with three masters: a masters in law from Harvard Law School, a masters in international relations from Paris II Assas and a masters in Iranian studies from Paris III Sorbonne.

She worked for the ICRC prior to joining academia and has worked with different international organisations and non-governmental organisations over since.

Anicée has held visiting lectureship at Cardiff University, Nagoya University and Azad Universitty; she has also held research visiting position at Harvard Law School and the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies.

Her research interest lie in international law and Islamic law; she has published articles and book chapters on the topic, looking at issues of fragmentation and reconciliation.

Current activities

Anicée Van Engeland is a Senior Lecturer in International Security and Law at CIRS. She examines strategies to reconcile Islamic law and international law (human rights and humanitarian law) to avoid fragmentation. Her research has led her to work on conflict, security and peace in Islam and Islamic law. While at CIRS, Anicée focuses on examining the legal and political discourses of radical groups and how it impacts international law She also work from a bottom-up perspective, analysing the actions of Muslim communities on (de)radicalisation.

Anicée teaches on a variety of topics, from international law to Islamic law.

She is an external examiner to Oxford University and several Muslim colleges. She is also an examiner for the University of London.


Anicée's clients are mainly international organisations and non-governmental organisations. She often works for the British Red Cross, UNDP and UNHCR.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Van Engeland A (2016) Is Daesh a state in International Law and in Islamic Law?. In: American Society of International Law Annual Meeting (ASIL 2016), Washington, DC, 30 March - 2 April 2016.
  • Van Engeland A (2016) New approaches to (de)radicalisation looking at the role of communities: the case of Islam. In: Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme, Cambridge, 21 May 2016.
  • Van Engeland A (2015) Muslims living in the West: Between Inclusion and Exclusion. In: SOAS, SMLSSK & CALE Joint Workshop on Migration and Pluralism, Nagoya, 27 January 2015.
  • Van Engeland A (2015) The Slow Emergence of a Legal Pluralism “à la française” and its Consequences. In: International Conference: Legal Pluralism and Human Rights within Family Disputes in Europe, Ghent, 26 October 2015.
  • Van Engeland A (2015) Jihad, Conflict Transformation and Islamic Law: how British Muslim Communities deal with Violence. In: Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, Oxford, 23 November 2015.
  • Van Engeland A (2014) Challenges for Islamic law in the 21st century: Shii Islamic Law at a crossroads. In: 1st British Association of Islamic Studies Conference, Edinburgh, 10 April 2014.
  • Van Engeland A (2014) “The tensions between Shari’a and international law through the lens of CEDAW”, Shari'a responsibility: conditions and conflicts. In: 2nd AMI Contemporary Fiqhi Issue Workshop, Birmingham, 3 April 2014.
  • Van Engeland A (2014) Meeting the Challenge of Developing a Gender-Inclusive Methodology in Islamic law. In: IGLP Research Conference: Heterodox Approaches to Islamic Law and Policy, Harvard, 2 June 2014.
  • Van Engeland A (2014) An Argument in Favour of Transnational Refugee Law: An Analysis of the Case of Afghan Refugees. In: International Law Association British Branch Spring Conference 2014, Foundations and Futures of International Law, London, 23 May 2014.