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Areas of expertise

  • Flight Physics
  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion
  • Instrumentation, Sensors and Measurement Science
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics


Dr Anderson Proenca joined Cranfield University in 2021 to work on experimental aerodynamics. He is primarily responsible for the operation and development of the Applied Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel Laboratory, which consists of low-speed and high-speed wind tunnels used for industry contracts, academic research projects, and postgraduate courses. Dr Proenca has extensive teaching experience and he is currently involved in the delivery of several modules of the MSc in Aerospace Dynamics programme.

Anderson graduated from the University of Uberlandia with first-class honours in BEng Mechanical Engineering in 2012, before obtaining an MSc in Transport Phenomena with distinction in 2014. He was then awarded a PhD in Engineering from the University of Southampton in 2018, having his thesis on aerodynamics and acoustics of turbulent jet flows defended with no corrections. Dr Proenca was a research fellow in aeroacoustics in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research for three years. In Southampton, he developed experimental and analytical studies on aircraft noise, whilst co-leading numerous UK and EU research projects.

Research opportunities

Anderson is interested in flow control, unsteady aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, aerodynamic measurement technology, and aeroacoustics.

Current activities

Dr Proenca research activities span a range of applied aerodynamics subjects, including passive and active flow control of turbulent flows; fluid sensor technology; aerospace ground test and flight test design; atmospheric turbulence and air pollution; wind turbine performance and noise; and advanced air mobility propulsion aerodynamics. Experimental investigations are conducted in the AAWTL, at Cranfield University, and in collaboration with colleagues from academia and industry.


  • Airbus SE
  • Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC


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