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Dr Anastasia Filippidou joined Cranfield University in 2009. She holds a PhD from the War Studies Department, KCL, University of London and her thesis focused on peace processes and negotiating methods with terrorist organisations. Her research and teaching focuses on conflict resolution, counter-terrorism, leadership in transitional states, deterrence and radical extremism. Her edited book entitled 'Deterrence: concepts and approaches for current and emerging threats' was published in January 2020.  Dr Filippidou's latest article entitled The Oxymoron of a Benevolent Authoritarian Leadership: The Case of Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah ( has been published in the journal of Terrorism and Political Violence (February 2020). Her current research focuses on diplomacy and extremism in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Latin America. anastasia has conducted and published funded research for government organisations in the UK and USA.

Dr Filippidou is the Course Director of the MSc Counterterrorism. She has delivered courses on terrorism and counterterrorism for the Home Office. Prior to her employment at Cranfield University, she was a Lecturer at the Defence Studies Department, King's College London, while she has also acted as teaching fellow at the War Studies Department, King's College London. She conducts primary research in five languages (Spanish, French, Greek; proficient in Russian, and Arabic).

Research opportunity

Dr Filippidou is happy to accept PhD students in topics that fall within her research remit outlined above. 

Current activities

- Editing her monograph on ‘Peace Processes and Negotiating Tactics with Terrorist Organisations’ 

-  A. Filippidou (ed). 'Deterrence: Concepts and Approaches for Current and Emerging Threats' (Switzerland: Springer, 2020)

- Counterterrorism and deterrence

- Leadership in Transitional States: focus on Latin America and the Middle East



Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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