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Areas of expertise

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Sustainable Manufacturing


Devanshu Mudgal graduated from Graphic Era Hill University (India) with a degree in Mechanical engineering in 2017. In 2018 he completed his post-graduation (MSc) from the University of Leeds in Aerospace Engineering. His masters' project was to develop a discrete event simulation for Roll-Royce's jet engines and FMEA.

Current activities

He is currently working as a KTP associate with Haddonstone LTD under the supervision of Dr. Konstantinos Salonitis. In his role as a Continuous Improvement Engineer (KTP Associate), Mr Devanshu Mudgal will lead the transfer of casting knowledge as well as the experience in continuous improvement of manufacturing processes through a simulation from Cranfield University to Haddonstone Ltd.

His role is managing a project aimed at:

Mapping the current processes and improve these introducing optimised operational 'quick wins'

Simulating and creating a digital twin of current processes (from the arrival of raw materials through to customer receiving goods) and vary the parameters of the model to evidence areas where improvements will make the optimal process efficiency gains

Transferring and adapting the most suited and relevant technologies from other casting sectors (e.g. foundries, robotics)

Developing product digital twins that are BIM (Building Information Modelling) compliant to hold product data, win more contracts and maintain a competitive advantage

Performing life cycle analysis for cast stone

Mr Devanshu's current interests include:

Simulation and modelling of manufacturing processes

Lean manufacturing


Conference Papers