Contact David Brown


  • Assistant Curator, Tank Museum (UK)
  • Secretary of Dorset Museums ssociation.
  • Participant of The Great Arab Revolt Project 1916-1918: Great War Archaeology Group November 2006 Excavation in Jordan 
  • MA Maritime Archaeology: University of Southampton. Practical experience includes: Measuring and recording medieval wooden wrecks in Guernsey; Recording the private collection of small marine craft in Lowestoft; Recording and measuring artefacts at the Mary Rose Trust, Portsmouth
  • BA (Hons) Archaeology.University of Southampton Involvement and experience includes: Committee Member of Southampton Archaeology Society; Site assistant on Roman/Iron Age/ Medieval / Neolithic Archaeological excavations.

Current activities

David is currently researching the Battle of Bullecourt (April 11th 1917), combining Archaeology and History.Special attention will be focusing on the Mk II tanks used in the Battle. Along with an extensive geophysical survey of the site, soil sampling will be carried out to determine if any of the destroyed tanks have left a ‘trace’ of their destruction. Also a programme of analysis will be carried out, with the cooperation of the Tank Museum Bovington, into the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning in early Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV’S). Furthermore,the capability and effects of the ballistic studies on the early ‘boilerplate’ of the MK II’s and subsequent development of specialised ammunition to combat armoured warfare.