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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Digital Agriculture
  • Sustainable Land Systems


Professional recognition and accreditation:

  1. Chartered Environmental (CEnv) registered as a Member of the Institute of Agricultural Management (MIAgrM)
  2. Associate Fellow of the Operational Research Society (AFORS)
  3. Competent Communicator (CC) within Toastmasters International.


  1. MSc, Operational Research, 2004, University of Hertfordshire
  2. MSc, Applied Environmental 1994, Science, Wye College, University of London
  3. BSc (Hons), Agriculture, 1990, Seale-Hayne College, Polytechnic Southwest.


  • 01/2006-date Research Officer: (agricultural decision modelling and analysis) now Research Fellow in Operational Research in Natural Resources
  • 07/2003-12/ 2005 Research Officer: agricultural decision modelling and analysis at Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park Silsoe, Bedford, UK
  • 10/1995-06/2003 Research Assistant: agricultural decision modelling and analysis at Silsoe Research Institute, Wrest Park Silsoe, Bedford, UK
  • 09/1994-09/1995 Assistant Consultant: bio-energy systems decision modeller at LRZ (Bio-energy Systems) Ltd, Herts., UK
  • Pre 1993/4 Various position in livestock and arable agriculture in the UK and the Netherlands culminating in a year as a dairy herd manager in Kent

Current activities

Daniel Sandars is experienced in systems modelling and application of quantitative methods such as linear programming (LP), data envelopment analysis (DEA) and life cycle analysis (LCA) to decisions and policy within agriculture and frequently its impact on the environment.

Recent research work has involved:

  • Developing a model to disaggregate the UK cattle industry into its common productions using data from the Cattle Tracing Service database to enable a more accurate and mechanistic calculation of the UK greenhouse gas inventory
  • Developing a structural modelling of sheep marketing and movements to calculate the costs and prevalence of routes to slaughter using livestock movement and vehicle data
  • Quantifying the environmental LCA of innovations in waste water treatment and the recycling of sludge to agriculture as a bio-fertiliser
  • Quantifying the environmental LCA of wetland biomass processed to biofuel briquettes
  • Calculating the environmental burdens of future national diets using LCA
  • Benchmarking the environmental efficiency of farms using DEA
  • Predicting land use change under biodiversity policy or climate change and adaptation policies using Farm Level LP.

Recent lecturing:

  • Linear Programming for Master’s students in environmental resource economic and landscape planning and ecology
  • Case studies in Life Cycle Assessment of organic waste processing and disposal/ recycling to land for environmental policy master’s students
  • Networks, Critical Path Analysis, GANNT charts and Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) for project management for air transportation master’s students.


Due to the fragmented nature of the agriculture sector with its many small businesses most research is publically funded through government departments, industry levy boards, science research councils, and European Union funded research.

  • MAFF
  • Defra
  • LINK
  • Environment Agency
  • EU Craft
  • EU FP7
  • RELU.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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  • Cumby TR, Sandars DL & Nigro E (2005) The Environmental Impacts of Farm Scale Anaerobic Digestion of Livestock Manure. In: Air Pollution Control: A Guide to Products and Services from the UK, Joint Environmental Marketing Unit (JEMU), UK Department of Trade and Industry, p. 40-42.