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Areas of expertise

  • Environmental Impacts


César graduated from Pontifical Catholic University, Brazil, in Chemical Engineering. His undergraduate final project aimed to reduce the ammonia concentration in an industrial effluent utilizing adsorption via biosorbent, a sustainable and biodegradable adsorbent, replacing the commonly used activated carbon. He has also carried out projects focused on wastewater treatment via electrochemistry and production of hydrogen from ethanol, utilizing steam reforming.

After his graduation, César joined Vale, the worlds largest iron ore producer, in an effort to help the company achieve its carbon neutral goals. He worked with a team to facilitate the transaction from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles and haulage trucks to electric ones. Another focus of the project was to reutilize this batteries in a second life usage, in order to reduce waste production.

Current activities

César is now a PhD Student in Energy and Power at Cranfield University under the supervision of Dr Ying Jiang and Dr Joy Sumner. His project is focused on evaluating the extent to which electrochemistry can be used to improve the pyrolysis oil quality and processing in feedstock recycling plants.