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As an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, my professional background encompasses extensive involvement in power electronics engineering and power engineering domains. Specifically, I have undertaken the design and rigorous testing of power assemblies operating at currents of up to 2000A and voltages of 3600V. These endeavors have entailed providing tailored solutions to diverse clientele across multiple sectors, including but not limited to the rolling stock and defense industries.

Moreover, my proficiency extends to embedded programming, which I have honed through engagements such as an IoT project and the culmination of my university studies in the form of a final project focused on electric vehicle development. Notably, within the context of the aforementioned projects, I assumed responsibility for both software development and hardware design, tasked with orchestrating seamless integration between the two. For instance, in a contractual capacity, I endeavored to establish novel communication protocols facilitating interaction between a PIC18F46K22 microcontroller and a Django Server.

During my tenure pursuing a Master of Science degree at Coventry University, I cultivated a distinctive skill set and garnered hands-on experience in firmware customization tailored for embedded systems. This expertise extends to diverse applications encompassing various types of electric motors, underscoring my versatility in navigating complex technological landscapes.

Furthermore, I have contributed to the field of power systems by participating in the design phase of photovoltaic power plants. In this capacity, I facilitated the requisite certification processes essential for securing approval for construction endeavors, thereby underscoring my commitment to ensuring the seamless integration of renewable energy solutions within existing infrastructure frameworks.

Research opportunities

My research pursuits are deeply entrenched within the interdisciplinary realm of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics Engineering, where I delve into multifaceted inquiries at the nexus of electrical systems, energy conversion, and advanced electronic devices. Within this expansive domain, my focus gravitates towards elucidating the intricate dynamics of electrical phenomena, harnessing cutting-edge methodologies to optimize power delivery, and engineering innovative solutions to confront the formidable challenges posed by the modern electrified world. Through a synthesis of theoretical inquiry, computational modeling, and experimental validation, my endeavors aspire to unravel the complexities inherent in electrical networks, advance the frontiers of power electronics technology, and catalyze transformative advancements with profound implications for sustainable energy infrastructure, robust power management systems, and the burgeoning field of electrification across diverse sectors.