Contact Christopher Garbutt

Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Chris is passionate about design, sustainability and environmental stewardship. He has a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Edinburgh University, an MSc in Green Economy from Bournemouth University (distinction) and his dissertation subject was micro-hydropower.

Chris has over a decade of experience working as a product development engineer. He worked on wash systems research and development for Dyson Appliances in the UK and Fisher and Paykel Appliances in New Zealand. He has worked on new concept washing machines, led reliability projects and has had particular experience with washing machine pumps and filters. He has been an application engineer for John Crane Mechanical Seals where he combined his analytical and practical skills testing and validated high-pressure, high-speed seals for cryogenic pumps. Chris has also enjoyed worked for local government helping support social enterprises and improve community resilience with an internship at Green Star award winning Frome Town Council .

Current activities

Chris is a Doctoral student with Canfield University’s School of Water, Energy, Environment and Agrifood and started his three-year Water and Design PhD studentship in March 2020. He is working on the development of a sustainable filtration technology for wastewater treatment by researching the application and optimisation of pile cloth media for removing solids from water.