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Areas of expertise

  • Carbon, Climate and Risk
  • Food Quality
  • Soil
  • Soil Resources


Chris studied his undergraduate degree in Biology BSc (Hons) at the University of Kent, Canterbury. His final year project concerned the investigation of systemic movement of foliar applied biocontrol products in lettuce cultivars. He is currently studying his PhD titled "Understanding the resilience of soil beneficials to combat apple replant disease (ARD)". The project is a collaboration between the CTP programme and Cranfield University, with the work primarily based at NIAB EMR, Kent, UK. 

Research opportunities

Chris is interested in collaboration with growers, agronomists and researchers concerned with the soil microbiome in apple trees and biological soil amendments to replace conventional chemical products to combat disease in apple trees. He is also interested in the research and development of new biological soil amendments and their effectiveness at reducing disease in apple cultivars. 

Current activities

Research is currently concerned with the use of pre-plant application of biological soil amendments and their effect on tree establishment, soil population dynamics and soil productivity. Additional work is also looking at the effects of climate change stresses on crop health, soil microbiome populations and functionality. These include carbon dioxide concentration increase, ambient temperature rise and drought and waterlogged soils.