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Chloe graduated from University of Reading with a BSc in Archaeology in 2016. Her research focused on 12-13th Century osteoarthritis in England and Romania. During her studies she participated in an archaeological excavation of the Roman town of Silchester in 2014, an archaeological excavation of a Romanian necropolis, Jucu de Sus, in 2015, and a forensics short course at Durham University in 2016.

In 2019, Chloe completed her MSc in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology at Cranfield University. The dissertation written for her degree utilised data collected by one of her supervisors, Stephanie Giles, to investigate the factors that influenced mummification and skeletonization. This led to an interest in forensic taphonomy.

Chloe is currently a part-time PhD student at Cranfield University, working under the supervision of Dr Mark Pawlett and Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant.

Current activities

Chloe is carrying out her PhD research with both Cranfield Forensic Institute and School of Water Energy and Environment. Her research is focused on the interaction of clothing and decomposition within a subterranean environment using pig proxies (sus scrofa domesticus).

Emily is carrying out her PhD research within , within Cranfield Defence and Security. Her PhD research focuses on how bone disease affects both macro-structure and nano-structure of bone, for both medical and forensic applications.