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Areas of expertise

  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Vehicle Engineering & Mobility
  • Vehicle Health Management


Chengxi cai has a strong vehicle engineering background in both EV and ICEs. Before joining Cranfield University to purchase his PhD degree in battery system prognostic and health management(PHM), he received a Master degree from the University of Warwick in sustainable automotive engineering.

His previous research experience narrowed to the electrode engineering of LFP, which attempt to optimise the electrode thickness and porosity to compromise the race capability and energy density. Currently, His research focuses on the battery prognostic algorithm, including ML and DL approaches for the SoH estimation and RUL prediction.

Current activities

Chengxi is currently in his first year PhD study. His research interest began with the prognostic algorithm for Li-ion batteries. His research highlight the utilisation of time-series data for battery health condition diagnostic and prognostic. His recent work involves the combination of multi open-access data sets and will then move forward with the "real-word" EV battery application. Otherwise, the Li-S is probably included in further study.


Conference Papers