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Areas of expertise

  • Soil
  • Sustainable Land Systems
  • Waste Management and Resource Efficiency


Mr. Bright Mayinl Laboan obtained B.Sc. Agriculture with Crop and Soil Sciences specialization at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. After his B.Sc., he worked for one year as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the same University. He then obtained prestigious VLIR-OUS scholarship for International Master Program to pursue M.Sc. Soil Science at Ghent University, Belgium. After the M.Sc. program, Mr. Laboan worked as Integrated Researcher at CSIR-Water Research Institute, Ghana in collaboration with Lancaster University, UK, researching into agronomic potential of digestates as alternative nutrients sources for agronomic, and environmental benefits. He then joined CSIR-Soil Research Institute, Ghana where he worked under the Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition Division of the institute. Bright is now with Cranfield University as a Sue White  scholar pursuing a PhD. in Site Specific Nutrients Management for Sustainable Cocoa Intensification in Ghana.  

Current activities

Bright is carrying out his PhD. within Cranfield Centre for Soil and Agrifood.  The research focuses on formulation of organomineral fertilizers ratios (blending small fraction of mineral/inorganic fertilizer with organic fertilizers) to meet site specific cocoa nutrients requirement for enhancing economic viability and environmental friendliness.