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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Concentrating Solar Power
  • Power Systems & Turbines
  • Renewable Energy


Balkan completed his BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration on renewable energy systems modeling from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. His previous studies include design and modeling of thermodynamic systems, hybridisation of geothermal with solar thermal, biomass characterisation methods and sCO2 power cycles. He joined Cranfield University to pursue his PhD in Energy and Power in 2022.

Current activities

His PhD research focuses on the integration of desalination and concentrated solar power (CSP) using next-generation CO2 blend power cycles. His research objectives include developing a blend-based sCO2 cycle for different concentrating solar thermal technologies, exploring novel CO2 blend compositions for cycle improvement, and power plant simulation for off-design and transient conditions. He is one of the members of Cranfield team in EU funded H2020 research project DESOLINATION.