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Babafemi gained his BSc in Physics from Ogun State University Nigeria with specific focus on Geophysics and Nuclear Physics with interests developed about energy generation. He enrolled and completed MSc in Oil Gas and Renewable Energy Law from Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, Scotland with extensive research undertaken and thesis completed within few months on "Foreign Direct Investments Operations and Achieving Final Investment Decisions in Oil and Gas Contracts: Focus on LNG Projects as Trials and Prospects for Growth and Development in Africa". Babafemi enrolled recently at Cranfield University to pursue a PhD in Energy and Power.

Research opportunities

Supervisors: Prof Phil Hart & Dr Nazmiye Ozkan

Research Topic: Methods to drive growth and FDI within Nigerian Gas Sector

Study of historical FDI decisions within the gas industry in Nigeria and why they have failed. Comparison with other successful countries who have obtained FDI and the policies, strategies and regulatory frameworks that have driven this success. Modelling of strategies, frameworks and policies that could be applied to Nigeria, validated against cultural norms and third world countries.

Current activities

Babafemi Ogunsanwo is undertaken PhD research at Cranfield University. His PhD focuses on methods to drive growth and foreign direct investment (FDI) within Nigerian Gas Sector