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Avery Swarthout has been passionate about aerospace engineering since his childhood days building model rockets and aircraft with his father. During his undergraduate degree at the University of Southampton, he designed an airbreathing pressure fed rocket engine and data acquisition system in the 50kg thrust class that was additively manufactured through selective laser melting (SLM). After graduating in 2019, he owned the development of the primary gas path and performance models for a hybrid-electric micro gas turbine intended for UAVs up to 25 kg MTOW. Alongside this, he worked on Full Authority Digital Engine Controller (FADEC) software architecture, secondary air system design, forced response analysis and emissions modelling. This extensive work, in part led to the award of 1,000,000 USD to the team as a part of the worldwide Genius NY UAV start-up accelerator competition. Another project in his portfolio includes the preliminary design for a novel rim driven propeller including aerodynamic design, structural analyses and propulsion-airframe integration design. Lastly, he was a vital team member for the safety engineering for a microturbine powered personal aircraft. All in all, Avery has experience from a variety of exotic projects in fields ranging from aerodynamics to systems engineering and software development.

Current activities

Currently, Avery is pursuing a PhD in aerodynamics as part of the Clean Sky 2 initiative and goals outlined by Flightpath 2050. Working with industry leaders, he is optimising nacelles for ultra high bypass ratio turbofans considering the impact of extreme events such as windmilling and installed effects. The project shall deliver new methods in the optimisation and integration of turbofan cowling design, flow physics classification and high fidelity modelling techniques.


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