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- Mechanical Engineering (MEng at UTC Compiegne)

- Materials Science and Engineering (MSc at Cranfield)

Previous work experiences as a chemist, at EMPA, Zurich, Switzerland; and as a quality engineer at Sogefi Group, Douai, France.

Current activities

- Multi-architecture SMC-UD composites:

Developing manufacturing techniques for high volume automotive structural parts, using UD fibres locally embedded into carbon SMC. The parts include embedded metallic fasteners, and achieve 50% weight saving compared to equivalent performance aluminium structures, with comparable processing cost and a takt time lower than 3 minutes.

- Thermoplastic matrices carbon fibre composites frameworks:

Investigating the interactions between design and manufacturing for future metal-composites car frames. The central part of the study is the improvement of metal-to-composites joining techniques, using the benefits of thermoplastic matrices' physics.


Conference Papers

  • Bras A (2016) Design and Processing of Carbon Fibre Epoxy Resin Moulding Compound Hybridised with Selectively Placed Uni-Directional Reinforcement for Low-cost Automotive Structural Parts. In: SAMPE Europe Conference 2016, Liege, 13-15 September 2016.