Arijit Lodh is a Research Fellow in Small Scale Mechanical Testing in the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University. His current research at Cranfield is aimed to investigate the role of mesoscale dislocation structures on the mechanical response of metals after overloads by integrating experiments and physics-based models.

Arijit obtained his PhD from IIT-Monash Research Academy, a joint collaboration between Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India and Monash University, Australia where he worked on microstructural origin of residual stress. Prior to joining his PhD, he has worked for 3 years at Research & Development division, Tata Steel India.

Current activities

Arijit is currently working on a EPSRC funded project which is focused to mitigate the uncertainty in assessing the mechanical response of a component under cyclic loading after an overload. He has experience on x-ray and electron diffraction, residual stress measurements and steel metallurgy. He is expanding his research interests in new areas like cyclic deformation, crystal plasticity etc. 


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