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Anne Kamau completed her BSc in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Nairobi in 2010 and joined Wetsus in The Netherlands in 2012 to study the application of electrohydrodynamic atomization in desalination and emulsification processes.

In 2017, Anne joined Cranfield University to pursue an MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering. Anne has worked in Kenya in both water and environmental consultancy.

Current activities

Anne Kamau is currently a PhD student in Water Infrastructure and Resilience at Cranfield University School of Water, Energy and Environment.

Anne's research will look into the formation of nitrogenous disinfection by-products from organic compounds prevalent in different surface water sources during drinking water treatment. She will also investigate the impact of various treatment processes on the formation of the nitrogenous disinfection by-products. The findings will be used to contribute to the current knowledge of the mechanisms of their formation and provide opportunities for increased resilience in water quality management.