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Areas of expertise

  • Computing, Simulation & Modelling
  • Test and Evaluation


Alan gained a HNC under a mechanical engineering apprenticeship at the Defence Academy when it was the Royal Military College of Science. He later moved into the Fluids and Power Hydraulics Laboratory where he started a part-time MPhil graduating in 1996.  During this time he moved into the Design Office and taught manual drafting to the first year undergraduate students and CAD 3D Solid Modelling to the third year undergraduate and post graduate students.

Current activities

Alan is currently involved in the commissioning and development of a 600mm diameter shocktube with the aim of subjecting human forms, building and vehicle elements to a simulated blast wave in order to study and mitigate blast effects.

Alan is also involved in the testing of various engineering structures that are subjected to impact from hail stones or foreign bodies. Cranfield Defence and Security has a selection of gas guns, with varying mass and velocity capabilities, in order to achieve this.

Alan also manages the Cranfield Defence and Security's Design Centre and teaches the module 3D Solid Modelling as part of the Weapons and Vehicles Engineering MSc Programme.


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