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A highly qualified, team orientated, flexible and self-motivated Leader with over 20 years of experience as a Coach, Mentor, Chartered Designer, Chartered Engineer, PMO Leader, Transformation and Business Improvement Specialist. I have an enviably strong track record of success attained through delivering first class value and results in multiple spheres of industry.

I ensure that the right customer and product needs are in focus to guarantee sustainable immediate and long-term commercial benefits. I execute world leading strategic & tactical planning by assessing the right analytics to drive the right activities and the right objectives, delivering inspirational and effective transformation.

The passion I have for end-to-end Product/Service development and Change Management, is only equalled by my desire to nurture and grow talent. By refining the methods and processes that guarantee true customer satisfaction, I assure longevity in teams that leads to domain knowledge maturity, repeat business and organic growth.

I have held Senior Leadership roles in Engineering, Research & Development, M&A/Transformation and ISC for Fortune 100 companies. Prior to this I ran my own enterprises for over 10 years, servicing the portfolio needs of multiple blue-chip brands. Through two decades of continuous improvement, my skill-set has the flexibility to transition across sectors and create synergies within adjacent fields.

I am currently on a journey towards a PhD in Manufacturing, with a thesis titled; Towards a Circular Economy Design Environment for Multiple Lifecycles SMART Products.

Research opportunities

Concept & Contextual Design, Design Thinking, Design Strategy, Industry 4.0 and enabling Technologies, Strategic Transformation.