Cranfield’s Safety and Accident Investigation Centre (SAIC) is offering a range of bursaries to support staff from Airlines and Airports whose work has been negatively impacted due to COVID resulting in reduced working hours or redundancy. The centre is offering bursaries across its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and the MSc/PgDip/PgCert in Safety and Accident Investigation (MSc SAI) programme.

At a glance

  • Funding value30% discount off the module fees*
  • Suitable for Applicants fromUK
  • DeadlineOn going
  • Funding provider(s)Cranfield University

What it covers

The Cranfield SAIC Bursary scheme provides 30% discount off the module/course fees, on the modules/courses listed below with module start dates of 1 March 2021 to module start date of 5 September 2022.

Who can apply

Students on our courses come from a range of commercial and operational positions across the aviation sector. Cranfield is offering the bursary to current staff with reduced working hours or those affected by redundancy due to the COVID pandemic from a range of UK partner organisations including:



British Airways

Heathrow Airport

Virgin Atlantic

London Luton Airport

Norwegian Air UK

Manchester Airports Group


Gatwick Airport

TUI Northern Region






*If your organisation is not listed, UK based and has been impacted by the pandemic please get in touch to see if we can apply the bursary

Structure of accident investication course

The postgraduate programme in Safety and Accident Investigation does not accept direct application route. Since almost all of the modules in the programme are offered as a CPD course, you will attend the modules as a Short Course for Credit Student (SCCS). This means you have some flexibility as the credits you accumulated from completing the modules can be transferred into the MSc/PgDip/PgCert programme within 5 years. 

For the MSc, you need to complete  200 credits consisting of 100 credits  from taught modules (attended as SCCS) and 100 credits from Research Methods (10) and IRP (90). Research Methods and IRP can only be attended as a registered MSc student. This means you need to “transfer” the credits accumulated as an SCCS into the MSc program just before you are about to attend Research Methods (which is a prerequisite for the IRP). At this point, you need to contact and inform us of your intention to transfer your credits to the MSc SAI.

For the PgCert, you need to complete 60 credits from the taught modules. This means you can complete the PgCert fully as an SCCS – although you still have to contact to transfer your credits.

Further information

How the bursary works for the Postgraduate Programme

As an SCCS student, you only pay for the modules you attend. The Cranfield SAIC Bursary scheme provides 30% discount off the module fees, on the modules listed here with module start dates of 1 March 2021 to module start date of 5 September 2022. Please note that this discount does not apply to accommodation costs where the module is delivered face-to-face.

To continue to the MSc award, if you have completed 100 credits from the taught modules attended as SCCS within this period, you only need to pay £4,000 to register for the MSc. On average, the bursary scheme gives you a discount of £5,250 off the published MSc fee of £21,500 (for the 20/21 Academic Year – this may vary slightly for subsequent Academic Years).  You can transfer before completing 100 credits as SCCS – in this case, you will pay the difference between the MSc fee at the time you transfer, less the published price of the modules already attended at the time you attended them.

Note that you do not have to start with Fundamentals of Accident Investigation (FOI) first, but it is the pre-requisite for Applied Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAAI). You can take 1-week modules before FOI or between FOI and AAAI. 

How the bursary works for the Continuing Professional Development Courses

You can always attend the modules above as a CPD delegate (not as SCCS). This means you will not collect the credits to be transferred towards the postgraduate programme, so you do not need to submit any post-course assignments. Note that in some modules you still have to work on some kind of assessment tasks during the module. 

Additionally, there are two CPD courses where the 30% discount applies but they are not credit-bearing (i.e. cannot be used towards the MSc):

Aviation Safety Investigation 15 – 19 November 2021 (ONLINE)
Hazards and Evidence Awareness for Air Accident Responders 27 - 28 April 2022 (ONLINE)

“Completing” a module means attending and passing all assignments including post-course assignments at > 50% mark

10 credits of taught module usually equates to a 1-week module

How to apply

Please email and book the module(s) you are interested in attending under this scheme, quoting “Cranfield SAIC Bursary Scheme”, and inform them if you are attending as an SCCS or as a CPD delegate only.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email the Course Director.