The Weybridge wind tunnel is an open section, closed return wind tunnel, primarily used for static and dynamic testing of small models, component testing, calibration and demonstrations.

The tunnel is equipped with a facility to mount models from overhead or under working section struts, and can also be configured with an automated pitching and yawing crescent. Test techniques typically include force and moment measurements, time averaged and unsteady pressure measurement, traversing of rakes and probes for wake studies, flow visualisation and optical measurements.

Key facts

  • Circular jet, 1.067m diameter;
  • Open working section closed return circuit;
  • Up to 38m/s flow speed;
  • Reynolds number 2.7 x 106/m;
  • Computer-controlled two-axis traverse system;
  • Floor-mounted 360˚ rotating turntable;
  • Six component force/moment balance;
  • Multi-port simultaneous pressure scanning system;
  • Four-channel hot wire anemometer;
  • Multiple smoke filament flow seeding;
  • Dynamic test rig.

Summary of applications

  • Force and moment measurements.
  • Time averaged and unsteady pressure measurement.
  • Flow visualisation.
  • Optical diagnostics.

Using the facility

Previous uses of the facility include:

  • Rotating wheel flows,
  • High lift aerofoil systems,
  • Blowing and suction studies for flow control applications,
  • Automotive probe calibration,
  • Vortex mapping,
  • Transient model studies for dynamic stall studies on VAWT aerofoils.