The Cranfield Transonic/Supersonic tunnel is an intermittent, suck-down wind tunnel, which can simulate transonic flow conditions for Mach 0.6 to 1.05 and supersonic flow conditions for Mach 1.5 to 3.5. Read more Read less

Test facilities include high-speed digital Schlieren imaging system, high frequency force/moment balance and data acquisition system, Kulite fast response pressure transducers, heat transfer gauges and a Stereoscopic PIV system.

Key Facts

  • Intermittent indraught
  • Working section 63mm x 63mm
  • Transonic Mach 0.6—1.05
  • Supersonic Mach 1.5—3.5
  • 15 PSI high speed kulite pressure transducers
  • Oil dot flow visualisation
  • Heat transfer gauges
  • High speed Schlieren up to 80,000 fps
  • Stereoscopic PIV system

Summary of applications

  • Transonic aerofoils
  • Shock/boundary layer interaction
  • Cavity flows
  • Sensor calibration

Using the facility

  • Research into acoustic noise in cavities.
  • Shock/boundary layer interaction.