The Cranfield transonic/supersonic tunnel is an intermittent, suck-down wind tunnel, which can simulate transonic flow conditions for Mach 0.6 to 1.05 and supersonic flow conditions for Mach 1.5 to 3.5. Read more Read less

Test facilities include a high-speed digital Schlieren imaging system, high frequency force/moment balance and data acquisition system, Kulite fast response pressure transducers, heat transfer gauges and a Stereoscopic PIV system.

Key facts

  • Intermittent indraught,
  • Working section 63mm x 63mm,
  • Transonic Mach 0.6—1.05,
  • Supersonic Mach 1.5—3.5,
  • 15 PSI high speed Kulite pressure transducers,
  • Oil dot flow visualisation,
  • Heat transfer gauges,
  • High speed Schlieren up to 80,000 fps,
  • Stereoscopic PIV system.

Summary of applications

  • Transonic aerofoils.
  • Shock/boundary layer interaction.
  • Cavity flows.
  • Sensor calibration.

Using the facility

The facility's previous uses include:

  • Research into acoustic noise in cavities,
  • Shock/boundary layer interaction.