Cranfield's structural testing laboratory is home to a wide range of facilities and complementary equipment which ensure we are well positioned to serve our clients. With access to state-of-the-art modelling suites, this infrastructure underpins the work of our staff and students in relation to research and teaching, and to our development programmes for individuals and organisations. Facilities are often near to or of industrial scale, reinforcing the applied nature of our work.

Key facts

  • Environmental control and testing.
  • Structural and impact testing.

Summary of applications

  • Off-road dynamics: Vehicle dynamics, tyre testing, test rig design, terramechanics, electronic control systems, agricultural machinery development, single wheel tester, vehicle articulation rig, rolling road, traction theory.
  • Motorsport: Teaching (MSc Motorsport Engineering and Management), testing (Cranfield Impact Centre), research on safety.
  • Lightweight: Crash, composites, nano-materials.
  • Virtual testing: Crash, structural dynamics, optimisation, 1D system analysis, data mining, statistics, stochastic modelling, robust optimisation.
  • Safety and biomechanics: Passive and active safety, pedestrian safety, virtual testing, mechatronics, segment and full human modelling, material modelling, data analysis, comfort.

Using the facility

We have designed numerous rigs for legislative impact testing at various worldwide locations. These rigs have been designed and built in-house or on location to formulate new procedures for legislators such as the FIA and the UK Department for Transport.

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