The Shrivenham explosive test house (SETH) offers a totally independent facility for hazard testing explosives using EMTAP tests. It has been created to provide data pertinent to explosives safety. SETH offers a full qualification service for explosives materials in accordance with STANAG 4170. For more information, please contact Dr Philip Gill.

Summary of applications

Hazard test of explosives – EMTAP tests part 1

This includes sensitiveness, sensitivity and explosiveness information on small-scale samples of all types of energetic materials. The hazard test facility has acquired a recommended test house status from the UK MOD.

Chemical and thermal characterisation, chemical stability and compatibility of materials (energetic materials) – EMTAP tests part 2 

This test facility evaluates the stability and compatibility relevant to the storage life of explosives. The thermos-chemical test facility has ISO9001:2008 certification.