The protective solutions laboratory (PSL) comprises two MoD TERP (test, evaluation, research and proof) ranges under JSP403, sitting under the Survivability and Advanced Materials Group. The PSL contains a number of proof barrels to accommodate a wide range of potentially encountered ballistic threats, as well as the ability to fire fragment simulated projectiles (FSPs). These proof barrels allow a wide range of work to be conducted from armour testing to forensic analysis of targets.

We are also capable of testing a wide range of small arms weapons which can be tested in a safe and highly repeatable manner (dependent on the characteristics of the weapon). A wide range of target materials and components can be tested, with easy to access high speed cameras available to visualise what is occurring during these dynamic events.

In addition to outside research/testing, the facility supports a large number of student research projects (both at MSc and PhD level), typically conducted to allow investigation of scientific areas, including armoured vehicle performance, body armour and transparent armoured glass, to name just a few.