The Aerospace Integration Research Centre (AIRC)’s IDEAS space is for collaboration and visualisation of simulations and design activity.

The AIRC is designed to be an innovative environment and our IDEAS space allows Integration, Demonstration, Engineering, Analysis and Simulation. With a working capacity in excess of 120 people, it is an area both for collaboration and for visualisation of simulation and design activities, and also ideal as a conference space

Four displays are available, enabling the viewing of aircraft and airspace simulations in widescreen format using multiple live feeds from AIRC laboratories and other linked facilities. Feeds from our air traffic management laboratory and flight simulators can be displayed on these screens, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of activities.

This space is also home to Cranfield University’s digital wind tunnel.

Using the facility

The facility has already been used for workshops, allowing stakeholder assessment of simulation activity, and for a number of large meetings requiring ‘breakout’ sessions.