Based at Cranfield Defence and Security, the ground-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) testing facility highlights include:

  • 3D through-wall SAR and automated collection of 3D SAR imagery;
  • Extreme high resolution SAR and coherent change detection (CCD) images;
  • Coherent change detection imagery over non-flat terrain;
  • Hyperspectral SAR for material characterisation.

The GBSAR laboratory system can be run both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor system

The indoor system provides a highly controlled, precision, repeatable, radar-quiet measurement environment.

  • Housed within a flexible 17m (L) x 9m (W) x 5m (H) laboratory work space;
  • SAR and tomographic profiling modes as well as reflectivity measurements;
  • Bi-static and multi-static configurations;
  • Automation allows collection of large continuous image sets for the study of slowly evolving scattering process, with no operator presence;
  • 4m x 1m x 1m sand trough used in the study of sub-surface imaging phenomena.

Imaging modes

SAR tomographic profiling

Frequency: 500MHz to 26.5GHz (continuous P-through to Ku-band). To 50GHz by arrangement.
Polarisation: Full quad.
Nominal accuracies: 1dB, 5 degrees.

Outdoor system

A bespoke, portable outdoor imaging system. Outdoor measurements allow the demonstration of techniques in more realistic conditions.

  • Trailer mounted hoist, transported to site by 4x4 vehicle;
  • For deployment: horizontal scanning boom attached to crane and lifted to chosen height;
  • Imagery captured by scanning antenna sledge along boom;
  • SAR and tomographic profiling;
  • Controlled from a laptop at ground level;
  • Antenna sledge can be offset front-back for interferometric baseline;
  • Bespoke set-ups for bi-static imagery.

Imaging modes

SAR tomographic profiling, scatterometry

Frequency: 500MHz to 26.5GHz (continuous P-through to Ku-band). 
Polarisation: Full quad.
Height: 0-10m.
Nominal accuracies: 1dB, 5 degrees.

Hiring our facilities

The facility is normally available with advance notice. Expert research consultants would perform the required measurements and can assist in the analysis. Facilities are available by the hour and all quotations are confidential.

Companies we have worked with

  • Dstl,
  • East Midlands Development Agency,
  • EPSRC,
  • ESA,
  • Find A Better Way,
  • MOD,
  • NERC,
  • Nottingham University,
  • QinetiQ,
  • UK Space Agency.