The Cranfield gun tunnel is an intermittent, blow-down wind tunnel, which can simulate hypersonic flow conditions for Mach 8.2 and 12.3. Mach number is controlled using nozzles of different geometries, while the Reynolds number is controlled by varying the driver pressure. Test facilities include a high-speed digital Schlieren imaging system, high frequency force/moment balance and data acquisition system, and Kulite fast response pressure transducers.

Key facts

  • Intermittent blow-down.
  • Working section 200mm diameter.
  • Driver pressure up to 2000 PSI.
  • Stagnation pressure up to 1290K.
  • Static temperature 90K.
  • Stagnation pressure up to10.8x106 Pa.
  • Three component high-speed balance.
  • Fifteen PSI high speed Kulite pressure transducers.
  • Oil dot flow visualisation.
  • Heat transfer gauges.
  • Liquid crystal.
  • High speed Schlieren up to 80,000 fps.