Cranfield's electrical machine test and validation platform enables a comprehensive range of testing and validation programmes for various types of electrical machines, including PM synchronous, flux switching, switched reluctance and induction machines.

The facility is equipped with a programmable loading dyno unit, high-accuracy vibration and acoustic data acquisition modules, and in-house characterisation tools that incorporate other online data to generate efficiency maps, characteristic curves and other key performance indicators for comprehensive evaluation. 

The research platform has precise speed control of up to 3000rpm and a programmable load output of up to 5kW for the important operating envelope that covers many key applications. The system can run an extrapolation programme to validate the drive system under test that operates outside this envelope. The system is further equipped with flexible shaft connector to alleviate vibrations caused by shaft misalignment and imprecise connections. With the versatile features, the user can undertake in-depth analysis and evaluation of any electrical machine type, and develop useful performance metrics for their dedicated validation programme.

Summary of applications

The research facility can be used for the emulation of power network and micro smart grid systems, electric vehicle motor drive cycle tests, servo drive system tests, and performance validation for different types of electrical machines and their controllers within the operational envelope of 3000 RPM and 5kW output power.

Using the facility

This platform is employed to analyse the performance of wind power machines, traction electric motors, and other applications. It is also used to simulate the load to examine the steady and transient performances of the machine and its controller.

Companies that have used the facility include: