The Cranfield Unit for Precision Engineering (CUPE) laboratory is a 1000 metre2 temperature controlled facility (+/-1 degree °C thermal control accuracy), which houses ultra precision machines for a wide range of operations, and is also the assembly area for Cranfield’s self-developed research machines.

Key facts

  • Loxham 6 axes micromachining machine.
  • CU reel 2 reel film handling facility.
  • CUPE nanocentre diamond turning machine.
  • CUPE diamond face turning machine.
  • Moore Nanotech UPL 350.
  • Fanuc robot polishing facility 1500mm.
  • Tetraform C grinding machine.
  • CU (Zygo DynaFiz based) optical test tower (4 metre ROC).
  • LMS machine tool modal analyser system.
  • Lion precision spindle error analyser.
  • Renishaw Gold laser interferometer.
  • Taylor Hobsom TalyVal.
  • Kistler dynamometer(s).
  • Clean dryer system.
  • Abrasive ball mills processing.
  • Vibration isolation tables.
  • Romer arm measuring system.
cupe laboratory cranfield university
CUPE laboratory

Summary of applications

The CUPE laboratory is the UK’s leading specification laboratory for machine tool and precision production machine tool assembly.

Using the facility

The CUPE laboratory has produced machine systems/components for:

  • Qioptic,
  • AWE,
  • Loxham,
  • ESO,
  • NASA,
  • G&H,
  • Optic,
  • Rolls-Royce,
  • Astrium,
  • Boostec,
  • SSTL.