Cranfield Analytical Services provision was established in 2009 and offers analysis of foodstuffs on a confidential and contract basis to a broad client base. Read more Read less

Both targeted and non-targeted metabolomics/profiling are available. Sample preparation and analysis of analytes are conducted under the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Joint Codes of Practice quality assurance scheme. Advice is given on what analysis is suitable to fulfill individual research needs. This service can operate to volume scales and can reduce the need to tie up valuable in-house lab set-up and running costs.

Significant investment in new and upgraded equipment took place from 2010 onwards. The centre has a dedicated team of postdoctoral scientists and now houses the following:

  • UPLC-Mass QToF (Agilent 6540 Ultra High Definition) for both targeted and non targeted analysis.
  • Suite of HPLCs (PDA, FD, ELSD, UVD, RID; 1200s series Agilent, Waters and Dionex) used for targeted chemometric profiling (eg. non-structural carbohydrates, organic acids, phenylpropanoids, carotenoids, plant growth regulators, etc.)TD-GC-ToF (Markes, UK) , TD-GC-MS (Agilent, US), and SIFT-MS (selected ion flow tube - mass spectrometry)  for both targeted and non targeted volatile profiling GCs (Agilent 6890Ns with FID,HWD)
  • Highly sensitive ethylene detector (Sensor sense, NL)
  • Complete gas handling system for the manipulation and measurement of gas exchange with flow-through chambers (Sable Systems, US). Respirometers with O₂, CO₂ multichannel analyser and RH.

Key Facts

  • A cost-effective and high-quality service for analysis of foodstuffs
  • Our service can operate to volume scales and save on set-up and running costs usually incurred in-house
  • Our trained postdoctoral scientists can assist you with your analysis, advise which analysis is suitable to fulfil individual research needs, and ensure your requirements are met on time and within budget.

Summary of applications

  • Sample preparation and standard analysis of analytes
  • Targeted and non-targeted metabolomic profiling
  • Volatile profiling
  • Simple assays
  • Gas manipulation and monitoring.

Using the facility

Cranfield Analytical Services has a growing list of industrial and academic clients.