The interaction of people with the world as a system is hugely complex and needs to be understood by policy makers, humanitarian organisations, defence experts, and scholars alike. Lack of understanding spatial and temporal aspects of culture can lead to poor communication, mutual misunderstandings and conflicting solutions, which can sometimes lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Cranfield University and the Defence Geographic Centre will be holding a joint Symposium entitled ‘The Three-Dimensional People Factor: Culture and People in Time and Place’ from 27th to 29th June 2017. This will combine the 10th International Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop (SSKW), Cultural Heritage Protection, and wider cultural issues.

‘The Three-Dimensional People Factor: Culture and People in Time and Place’ Symposium will gather UK, US and other international experts and practitioners from defence, academia, OGDs and NGOs to seek understanding of contemporary issues involving cultures through application of spatial and temporal social science analysis tools and methods.

The themes of the Symposium will include cultural and spatial perspectives on: Human Geography and Defence Engagement activities; Russia, with special reference to its Near Abroad; Cultural Heritage Protection; the Middle East; and People and the Environment (Health, Economy and Demographics).

These topics will be addressed through a combination of plenary speakers and breakout sessions. The breakout sessions provide opportunities for facilitated discussion that will be focused on specific questions dealing with the Symposium’s topics through regional, organisational, technical, functional, and practical considerations.

Our speakers now include:

CO Defence Cultural Specialist Unit, UK; Professor Peter Stone


Cranfield University;

Australian Geospatial Organisation;

Map Action;

US Army Corps of Engineers;

Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa project;

The UK Joint Service Cultural Property Protection Capability


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