Hugh Bellars, WOC Head of Engineering, Defence Equipment & Support

SSSG Update
Chris Tunstall, Institute of Explosives Engineers

Centre of Excellence in Energetic Materials Update and National Strategy
Phil Cheese, Defence Equipment & Support, DOSG

MSIAC Overview and Future Workshops
Michael Sharp, MSIAC

Challenges of P-8 Poseidon Aircraft MK54 Weapons Clearance
Richard Taylor, Defence Equipment & Support, WOC
Qualification of the Cased Telescoped 40 mm Weapon System
Christopher Wong, Defence Equipment & Support, DOSG

Building a Safety Argument for a Historic Propellant Composition
Patrick McMaster, Defence Equipment & Support, DOSG
Weapon Life Assessment, Old Weapon Utilising New Technology
Dave McMinn, Defence Equipment & Support
Predictive Modelling for Qualification
Dr Peter Gould
, QinetiQ
Development of a Next Generation Propellant
Sue Evans
, Roxel (UK)
Development of Insensitive Munitions (IM) Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Propellants for Large Calibre Gun Systems
Mark Penny, Anne Marie Wilton, BAE Systems
Exploitation of IM Rocket Motor Modelling for Qualification
Dr Ian Cullis
, QinetiQ
What the Statistics Aren’t Telling You: Hypothesis Testing and P-Values
Mike Hicks, Defence Equipment & Support, DOSG
Correlation of Response for Munitions Containing RDX/TNT: Bullet Impact and EMTAP Tube Testing Results
P Cheese, Ben Keefe, T Reeves & N White, Defence Equipment & Support, DOSG 
Certificate of Design: In-Service Compliance
Matt Waterman, BAE Systems
Product Variant Approach to Safety and Arming Unit (SAU) Design
Liz Carr, MBDA UK Ltd
Explosive Qualification Expectations from a Prime Perspective
Gaynor Olliver, Peter Milner, David Crofts, MBDA
Ammunition Design Projects – Ammunition Technical Officers (ATO) Course
Lieutenant Colonel Liz Nelson, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Integrated Munitions Health Management
Wade Babcock, MSAIC

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