Battlespace Surveillance - Owning The Night 2019, hosted by Symposia at Shrivenham, is to be held at Chepstow Racecourse.  The event is organized and run by Symposia at Shrivenham in conjunction with Battlespace Publications and in association with QIOPTIQ. Chepstow Racecourse is an ideal venue to hold Owning the Night as it provides the conference and demonstration facilities under one roof. In addition, given its location in over 400 acres of countryside, with a secure perimeter fence, it is a perfect location for night vision demonstrations with little ambient light egress and the distances required to enable target location at range. An evening buffet will be available during the night demonstrations to enhance networking opportunities and allow delegates to have greater hands on experience.


Today’s soldier is exposed to new and evolving threats in conflict, an adversarial and unrelenting activity, that can be transmitted live into our homes by 24 hour media often embedded with forces in the front line. In this scenario the soldier on the ground not only has to deal with his enemy in bad weather, poor light and darkness, he may also have to liaise with coalition forces, local and homeland security organisations, non-government and humanitarian agencies, as well as the media. These requirements require multi-functional skills and multi-cultural disciplines that add to the pressure of combat. He may also have to fight an amorphous enemy who is often indistinct from not only the local population, but also the assured information the soldier receives. The increasing amount of information and data that the soldier needs to analyse in his decision-making mean that systems that can deliver pervasive and better visibility, clearer and greater granularity, and can be fused with other information streams are likely to offer the advantage defence and security operators need.


Battlespace Surveillance - Owning the Night 2019 will give Defence, Police, Government and Industry a taste of the future and the ability to try the latest night vision devices from weapon sights through night driving aids to advanced target tracking and identification systems. Chepstow also has a road running inside the course which will enable Owning the Night to have night driving for the first time since 2009. These vehicles will form part of the night-time demonstrations and will be tracked by exhibitors’ cameras and sensors. We will also be demonstrating day and night live UAV detection systems for the first time.

Call for Papers

If you wish to present a paper on a topic you feel is relevant to the theme, please submit an abstract of around 200 words by email to Leanne no later than Friday 12 October 2018.  Papers should be planned to take 20 minutes to present followed by 10 minutes for questions.

Displays and Sponsorship

We offer companies, departments and establishments an opportunity to display their equipment - Night Vison Goggles, Night and Day Sights, Thermal Imaging Cameras and Displays, Night Driving Systems, Radars and other associated systems or advertise their capability throughout the event.  There are also unique opportunities for sponsoring this event.


Live day and night demonstrations will take place throughout the event with a live Target Acquisition scenario at the end of the day.

SSAFA Race Day

On Wednesday 21 November Chepstow Racecourse is hosting the SSAFA Raceday, supported by Battlespace C4ISTAR Technologies and SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. This charitable event provides further opportunities for sponsorship and hospitality and all Battlespace Surveillance - Owning The Night (OTN) exhibitors are cordially invited to make use of the Raceday to take a table should they wish. Further, all OTN delegates are entitled to apply for a discounted tickets through Chepstow Racecourse.


  • Delegate £455
  • ADS Members £395
  • UK Government/Academia, MOD Trading Funds and UK Civil Servants £280
  • Battlespace Member £350

Display Space

  • Single Display £420  - One person
  • Double Display £720  - Two persons
  • Extra person for display £100

Exhibitors in the Exhibition Hall at Owning the Night

  • Single Display stand – dimensions 3 x 2 metres –with a 1.8m x 0.6m table and chair.
  • Double Display stand - dimensions 6 x 2 metres - with two 1.8m x 0.6m tables and two chairs
  • All stands have access to 240v power to UK 3 pin sockets.

    Additional equipment, from extension leads, travel adapters to LCD screens may be provided on request.

Please note: Only fully registered delegates have access to the presentations and discussions in the Lecture Theatre.