Manufacturing on the Moon - Production of a “mass transportation system” on the Moon

Apprentices in engineering and manufacturing technologies from all years were invited to work in teams from their institution and build models to demonstrate their innovative ideas for manufacturing on the Moon. A team of national judges selected the winner, and awards were presented at Cranfield University on 23rd May 2017.

2017 Competition Results

Winning Team: UCP Zeller

2nd Place: Rolls-Royce 

3rd Place: UKAEA (CCFE)

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Previous National Apprenticeship Competitions:

Mission 2016: Manufacturing on the Moon (Habitation modules)
Teams: UCP Zeller, Rolls-Royce, UKAEA (CCFE), Oxford Instruments, Hayward tyler, Manufacturing Technology Centre

Mission 2015: Manufacturing on the Moon (Series vehicle production on the Moon)
Teams: Global Closure Systems, Oxford Instruments, Zeiss, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Ministry of Defence (MoD), Hayward Tyler

Mission 2014: Man on the Moon (Design and build a mechanism which could hold a crew at an altitude of 1000 meters for 5 minute)
Teams: Bombardier, Oxford Instruments and Reliant Precision