Background of Manufacturing 2075

The challenges faced by manufacturing research, education and skills requirements, and our knowledge capability base in 2075 will be influenced and informed by organic and disruptive technologies and systems, new materials, changes in our life styles and values, and global political and societal developments. To be suitably prepared, we need to imagine the future to plan the present. A new global forum to discuss very long-term manufacturing challenges (i.e. Manufacturing Futures) for the UK and other countries is essential for prosperity and sustainability. Our collective views on Manufacturing Futures will shape our research direction in the short and long term, help us better understand our user requirements and drivers, ensure tailored and timely practical solutions, and support innovation in new education models.

As a global community, we need to look beyond the here and now and identify the likely research challenges of the far future. This will enable us to anticipate the requirements of societal and industrial users and ensure we are in a position to provide timely, relevant and credible technologies and advice, guidance, education, knowledge products and practical solutions.

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