As part of the Distinguished Virtual Seminar Series in Archaeological Science, the Cranfield Forensic Institute will host Dr. Ellery Frahm (Yale University) for a talk entitled: 

Seen through a glass darkly: Obsidian artifacts from Southwestern Iran shed light on Neolithic community connections.

Early scientific investigations of the Neolithic Near East, such as the excavations of Ali Kosh and Chagha Sefid during the 1960s, were pioneering for their time. Modern, critical reexaminations of these sites have led to substantially different interpretations. New insights with respect to fauna, flora, and chronology have overturned widely held ideas about the emergence of food production. Chemically determining the geological origins of all lithic artifacts made from obsidian has hitherto been overlooked. The observed accelerating diversity in these obsidian assemblages indicates intensifying connections among Neolithic sites, highlighting intercommunity contacts as a mechanism for social change.

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All are welcome.

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The event will be held via Zoom. Please register to receive the meeting details.