In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the world is coming to terms with the next existential challenge of climate change. This focus on sustainability has meant that the transport sector has to look to revolutionary innovation. This includes new methods of propulsion and energy sources and methods for recycling and reforming end-of-life structures. It has also driven entirely new modes of transport to be created, including everything from micro mobility (e-scooters, ebikes, cargo bikes) through to Advanced Air Mobility which seeks to revolutionise domestic travel and logistics. The common thread throughout all these innovations is the need to create lightweight, durable structures. This SAMPE seminar looks to explore developments in materials and processes relating to these new transport innovations. Topics include:

• Applications of innovative materials and processes in new transport solutions, including challenges and benefits

• Automation of manufacturing processes to be able to satisfy demand whilst accessing economies of scale

• Sustainability of the materials themselves to ensure new transport solutions are sustainable throughout their life cycle and not just at point of use.

Event Programme

The programme is available on the SAMPE website.

Location and travel details

The Vincent Building, Cranfield University.

Who should attend

Professionals and students from industry and academia with interests in the transport industry or materials industry.


Tickets (Full price for Non-members) £ 215.00 Tickets (Registration including SAMPE membership) £205.00 Tickets (SAMPE member price) £ 115.00 Tickets (Student / Young Engineer price) £75.00

How to register

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